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The Big Fight Muhammad Ali - Joe Frazier (1975)

The Big Fight Muhammad Ali - Joe Frazier (1975)

Plot Outline / Introduction / Synopsis:

The Big Fight Muhammad Ali – Joe Frazier: When Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) showed up for the weigh-in for his first fight with Sonny Liston, who but Sugar Ray Robinson himself was at his side. Ali had often fancied himself a heavyweight Ray Robinson. Joe Frazier, conversely, had expressed great admiration for the straight-ahead, nonstop assaults of Henry Armstrong. If anyone in the heavyweight division could in any way, shape or form be likened to Henry Armstrong, it was Frazier. When Armstrong met Robinson, it was the rangier Robinson who won; when their heavyweight counterparts first fought, it was Frazier who won- BIG. (“The good news was that we learned that Ali could take a punch. The bad news was, he took a LOT of them.”) Their second fight (“Superfight II,” it was called at the time) was fought at an even more furious pace and was so closely contested that no more than a single point could’ve swayed the judges either way. A third fight was inevitable.

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