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Genre: Horror, Latest, Thriller

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Nightmare (2011)

Nightmare (2011)

Plot Outline / Introduction / Synopsis:

Nightmare: Starring Gillian Chung (Twins), Zhou Xianxin, Victor Huang, Wu Jianfei, and Kenny Kwan (Boy’z), Mainland China suspense thriller Nightmare is touted as a horror movie in the vein of Nakata Hideo’s J-horror classic The Ring. Although it inevitably had to diminish the supernatural elements due to China’s strict censorship regulations, the latest scarefest from Hong Kong director Yip Wai Ying (Troublesome Night series) still manages to pile on the terror in an atmospheric tale of mystery, madness, and ominous nightmares. Young surgeon Fang Lei (Zhou Xianxin) has been tormented by her weird dreams for many years. One day, she meets by chance her college best friend Angel (Gillian Chung), who is already married to Lei’s ex-boyfriend Zhou Feng (Wu Jianfei). When grungy designer Wang Quan (Victor Huang) inadvertently enters Lei’s life, a series of inexplicable things begins to happen – Feng suddenly disappears, and Lei finds herself being stalked by a creepy girl, while people in her dreams turn up dead in reality…

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