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Killer (2000)

Killer (2000)

Plot Outline / Introduction / Synopsis:

Killer: Prosperous triad hitmen Tung (Jordan Chan Siu-chun), Po (Simon Lui Yu-yeung), Yung (Ken Wong Hap-hei), and Mantis (Mark Cheng Ho-nam) get their latest assignment from middleman Prince (Kenneth Tsang Kong): eliminate deadbeat trading company owner Crazy Lai. However, thanks to a mix-up, the man’s brother is the one who gets chopped, necessitating that the team make a second attempt. Naturally, this will be far more dangerous, as their target knows he is on someone’s death list. Although they are able to kill the man this time, Yung is fatally wounded. On top of that, Mantis’ sexual appetites finally get the better of him when he foolishly takes up with the beautiful Pauline (Claire Yiu Kar-lei), whom mid-level gangster Fai (Wong Chi-yeung) considers to be his property. When he finds out about their affair, Fai has his men gang rape Pauline but she and Mantis’ lives are saved by the intervention of Po, who has his subordinate sodomize Fai with an air gun. The hood is anxious for revenge and his boss, Tsimshatsui triad kingpin Snake Skin (Lo Mang), is ready to back Fai up. Po refuses to go into hiding, leaving the three partners with only one foreseeable option: kill the two men before they can strike. In a subplot, Tung finds himself increasingly attracted to Ivy (Yoyo Mung Kar-wai), Po’s girlfriend of ten years, who is growing increasingly distant from him, and it is unclear just how Po will react once he finds out.

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